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Updated: Dec 24, 2020

I’m at the airport waiting on my flight—yes, I’m flying to Mexico Beach this trip, a gift from Hubby—and have a little time to kill. blog post about New. A new thing, and a new experience. But first, look at the sunset as I was walking into the airport. Beautiful!

My vacuum cleaner died Friday. Apparently, it had been sounding bad for a bit, but I didn’t know this because I wear headphones to protect my remaining hearing when I vacuum. I’d been thinking of a new one even before this one died, eyeballing both Dyson corded and cordless models. We did some research and looked at some models at the Home Depot and came home with THIS: the Dyson v10 cordless.

I. Love. It! So light, so convenient, and does a heck of a job!

I questioned if it would be powerful enough and the battery last long enough to vacuum my whole house in one session. Yep, three levels of power and a 60 minute battery life. And when it’s not being used it hangs on the wall in the laundry room out of the way of everything. Will it stand up to near daily use? We’ll see.

Thats my new “thing.” Now let me tell you about my new experience. I went to my auntie’s house Thursday. My hair artist, Lisa, met me there to give her a haircut. While they were doing that, I was talking with my uncle, Steve, and eyeballing the new machine sitting in the living room. An inversion table.

I’ve heard about inversion tables and how they help with back pain by decompressing the spine, but I’d never seen one up close, and I’d certainly never used one. I was mighty curious though. So, when asked if I’d like to try it out, my response was, “Sure, let’s do it.” Jamie was there too, and he & Uncle Steve held on and controlled the speed at which I went from standing to hanging.

I was hooked from the get-go. I pretty quickly asked them to let go so I could find the balance and work the machine myself. That evening back at home, I was pleased with the difference I noticed in my back. I thought about it all day Friday, and finally on Saturday when I couldn’t stand it anymore, I called Uncle Steve and asked if I could come over to use the machine again.

I tried different settings and practiced inverting until I was completely comfortable with the machine. The feeling in my back when it relaxes as I’m hanging upside down is wonderful! I asked if I could come back the next day—Sunday, today—before my trip.

And today I zeroed in on “my” settings, the settings that allow me to control the position of the table & the speed at which it rotates just by moving my arms up or down. I’m balanced in both the photo above and the photo below.

The best part is my back. After just three sessions, my back feels at least ten years younger! Great new experience with the inversion table.

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1 Comment

Nov 23, 2020

That is wonderful!!!!! When will you be getting your own??? Sunset was spectacular!

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