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A Big Thing

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

I’m a photographer, and in the digital age, photo editing is a big part of my job. I’ve been chugging along for a few years with this setup. I’ve got my dual monitors, my Wacom tablet, my external drives, and my tower.

It’s served me well up until a year or so ago. Support was ending for my version of Windows, and I started experiencing little glitches in my computer’s performance. Even though it was relatively high powered in its day, age had slowed it down a bit as well. Add to that mix ever increasing file sizes and editing programs that demanded more and more of the machine’s space & resources, and my chugging got slower and slower.

Once I was finally forced to upgrade the OS to Windows 10, editing work became an almost daily exercise in frustration as my machine sometimes struggled to complete the simplest of tasks. Opening Photoshop would take three or four minutes of churning, and running both Photoshop and Lightroom in the same setting nearly always required a reboot because the memory got chewed up.

Still, I carried on. A new machine wasn’t on my priority list this year; I was saving for a new wide angle lens. I could make do, I assured myself and Jamie.

Two weeks ago, Jamie talked me into stopping at Vision Computers in Atlanta. “Just to look around,” he said. Right off the bat, I was amazed at how knowledgeable Ruby, the account manager with whom we spoke, was. She told me she wouldn’t know the first thing about working IN Photoshop, but she knew exactly the requirements to RUN Photoshop. And Lightroom and all the other photography related programs.

We talked about hard drive sizes and memory. She asked about other requirements...card readers, of course, and oh, I’d want extra USB ports. And finally, what about blue-tooth enabled, in case the technology exists or will exist to connect my hearing aids directly to the audio.

I was still mostly dreaming at this point, but when Ruby gave us a cost estimate, Jamie said, “I think we should get it. I want you to have a computer that doesn’t frustrate you.”

Built just for me, ready and picked up yesterday. Meet my new machine.

I can’t speak highly enough about Vision Computers and their customer service. Ruby was fantastic! The warrant is great, and I have a year of technical support.

Sometimes it’s the little things, but sometimes it’s the big things too. And a fast running computer is a BIG deal in my line of work.

Thank you, Jamie.

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Nov 04, 2020

Im so happy for you!!! Jamie is so sweet!!!! I love how much y’all love each other!!


Nov 04, 2020

Nice!! you will be much less frustrated.


Nov 04, 2020

That Jamie is amazing. I'm so happy you have upgraded to something useable (less frustrating). He really takes good care of you.

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