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Bad Shipping Juju

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Remember these packages I shipped last Monday while in Mexico Beach? I thought they might beat me home since I spent $44.00 for Priority shipping.

Yeah, well, Priority shipping isn't guaranteed three day, and at this point I'm not even sure the packages will arrive to me at all!

Package 1, mailed Monday, November 30th from Port St Joe, Florida. It arrived in Atlanta early the next morning, December 1st and left Atlanta that very afternoon. It's been in transit to the next facility ever since. Hey, I live only 30 miles east of Atlanta. I could have walked there to pick up the package and been back home days ago.

Package 2, also mailed Monday, November 30th, from Port St. Joe, Florida. It arrived with Package 1 in Atlanta early on the morning of December 1st. It also left Atlanta later that afternoon at the same time as Package 1. Don't know where it went, but it arrived last night at 10:17pm at the Distribution Center. In Atlanta. It took five days to travel FROM Atlanta TO Atlanta.

Yeah, no love for the USPS.

I should have just bought an extra suitcase and checked it.

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