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Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Let me tell you about my girl! This girl—I’m so stinking proud of her! From Bozeman, Montana....

....through Idaho to somewhere in Utah (driving in snow is dirty business)....

....down to Vegas and across Arizona and New Mexico (lost a center cap somewhere a little east of Albuquerque)....

...across the plains of Texas & Oklahoma (so windy!) and through Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi....

....across Alabama and finally to our home state of Georgia and to our home...

....she pulled every mile! All 3,040 of them! She got an oil change in Salt Lake City, and she‘ll get another one pretty quickly.

There’s an issue or two to be worked out with the new engine, but I never doubted for a second this 29 year old lady would get us home!

Her interior roof is metal, and I collected a magnet from each state through which we drove. Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to figure out which state Bigfoot represents. I got that one just because I liked it.

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1 opmerking

20 dec. 2020

She’s beautiful!!! Go, girl!

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