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Grand Canyon Panorama

You may be tired of seeing the Grand Canyon, but I'm going to share this last image anyway. I limited myself to one camera and one lens for my trip, something very difficult for a photographer to do. Normally we want to carry a variety of lenses to be able to capture anything we might encounter. However, space was tight, and it wasn't a photography trip. Knowing I would finally see the Grand Canyon made my lens choice easy--wide angle lens, my 24mm to be exact.

Even on a full frame camera, I knew the 24 wouldn't be wide enough, so I planned to pull together a panorama. The image below is actually ten images stitched together. Once again, this is an early morning view, just before the sun peeked over the canyon. I wish I could make the image larger for you, because it is grand--80" long by 16" tall. If you click on it, it should pop up larger.

THIS is the view I had as I looked around that morning.

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