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Just Because…

It’s Kevin, he’s cute cute cute, and our time together is short.

Look at that sweet face!

Little Monster has learned to sit up and is eating a bit of big boy food! (Healthy Blocks fyi)

His formula, however, is still his favorite. At 161 grams, as of today, he’s taking between 10 and 11 ml three to four times daily.

I’m The Momma and his safe person, but he & Jamie are bonding through wrestling. Kevin LOVES to wrestle, and Jamie wrestles a little bit rougher than The Momma does. Kevin loves it!

Oops. Here’s the video of them wrestling…

And you know the Little Monster will make it to the pet wall. I‘m already trying out designs.

Tomorrow’s post belongs to Roscoe and Jack. They’ve been perfect the last three weeks and have rolled with every change in schedule. And still they don’t know there’s a squirrel living in the house.

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