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My Happy Place

No matter my mood, I can step into my greenhouse and find peace, tranquility, and happiness. There always seems to be a surprise waiting to be discovered--a new flower or a new "baby" peeking out from its momma plant. Always always something to make me smile.

I love succulents! They're such cool little plants, and I've learned so much in the last couple of years about caring for them. With limited commentary, here's a look at some of the lovelies in my greenhouse.

Look at that gorgeous color!

Same plant as above, different view so you can see the sweet little blooms.

Flower buds on one of my kalenchoe plants.

Sedum rubrotinctum--Pink Jelly Bean

I purchased this beauty at Costco a summer 2020. I had it in a shallow pot, and it grew steadily. But it wasn't until I transplanted it to this bigger pot a couple months ago that it started blooming. And it's busting out all over--it has five different flower stems.

This guy has been blooming all winter--really enjoys the dry atmosphere.

Do you see all the little flower buds?

Not a succulent, but still a surprise when my gerber daisy bloomed in winter.

One of my pride and joy plants--Pleiospilos Nelii (split rock) That's a flower bud coming up in the middle, and it's supposed to have a coconut fragrance. This one gets very very little water; in fact, watering at the wrong time can easily kill it. When the bloom opens, I'll do a post all about the plant.

Look how tall! This one just keeps going and going.

This is a Spear Orchid. I'd never seen one before I found this one at the Kroger. He should have a leaf pointing straight up in the middle, but it was broken off when I got him. He's a new addition, and we'll see what he does.

Another pride and joy plant--Lithops. Another one that gets very little water. The outer leaves nourish the inner. In time, it will split open and put up a flower and then a new pair of leaves.

Flapjacks. This is another kalenchoe.

That's a very small slice of the succulent babies. What started with a couple plants bought with a gift card given to me by a client/friend has turned into.....well, this....

I can't wait til I can get everything moved back outside and build this year's garden area.

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23 feb 2022

She is so impressive with these plants - she knows each and every one individually! Sometimes when I am out in the back 40, I overhear her in the greenhouse talking to them like kids. They are her babies and overhearing her sweet voice in the greenhouse puts a smile on my face every time!

Mi piace
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