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Not A Green Thumb

Last year after a trip out West with my youngest son, I became quite smitten with succulents and cacti--mostly succulents. I bought a couple to remind me of that fantastic trip. Then I bought a couple more. And then I was gifted some more. And then I bought a couple more. And so on and so on until I had quite a little collection. This past spring I created a little garden area to display, admire, and grow my little garden. I continuously added to the area--plants, wind chimes, hummingbird feeders, fountains--and it became my favorite place to relax in the evenings.

I've referred to myself in the past as Not A Green Thumb, and it was true. I've struggled to keep alive the different plants gifted to Jamie and me after the deaths of each of our parents. I'd forget to water, or I'd over-water; I could never find the balance. I'd joke that any plant that lived at my house did so by sheer force of will. But with succulents, I found the toughest little plants that are determined to live and thrive on neglect. My children!

As I collected more and learned more, I discovered I had a bit of a knack with them. I made some mistakes and lost some plants, but I learned something each time. (Too much water kills succulents. Direct sunlight burns & kills succulents.) I learned to root a single leaf--okay, it's simple, but it still amazes me that I can do it.!

I picked the spindly looking guy up in a garden center in St. Simons Island. I'm always looking for something I don't have.

This little beauty came home with me from Mexico Beach, Florida.

"Ruby Glow" Isn't the color beautiful?

Taken with a macro lens, these are the most delicate blooms.

Teeny tiny but living and growing.

I found this one at Kroger, over-watered, soggy, and close to dying. I took it out of its pot, removed the wet soil from the roots, and laid it out to dry for a couple of days before repotting in better soil. (Something else I've to mix my own succulent soil. They like a fast draining mix.) She's rewarded me with beautiful growth & color.

I love the mixes, and I have several.

This plant came home with me from Ohio last week. And the blooms are just starting to open.

Here in the South, we get to enjoy the warm weather longer than most, but even here, cold-ish weather arrive eventually. Succulents don't like cold weather. And since most of my plants are young & small, the time finally arrived to move them to their winter home, which is their own greenhouse in my backyard. Here they'll stay, without watering--they don't require it--til the spring. 102 pots, and I see there's room still for more.

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Nov 01, 2020

I love your life!!! It’s so beautiful looking!! And I’m happy for you that you learned how to keep your succulents alive! We have had a similar experience with orchids. It’s always a learning process and nothing worth having it’s easy to acquire.

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