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Sunday Dinner With Friends

Jamie and I had the pleasure of having our friends, Lanette and her mom, Sandy, over for a meal Sunday afternoon. No special occasion, just a get-together with friends.

Jamie smoked ribs overnight, and they came out sooooo yummy!

He also grilled hot dogs, sausages, and a steak. I added potato salad, beans, and chips. When he asked me if I thought it was enough, I said, "Sure. They're bringing a couple things too. We'll have plenty."

Well, they brought more than a couple of things. They brought two more slabs of ribs, chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, a roast, dip, chips & salsa, salad, and wine. No kidding, we could have fed a small army. Look at all that food on the counter! And there was even more still on the grill! And we sampled just about everything!

The conversation was fun and easy with much much laughter. Oh, and they spoiled the dogs immensely--even Ollie, who is usually pretty standoffish, was quite taken with Lanette.

I've long wanted to do a portrait of them because they're such lovely ladies, so after our meal, I did just that. I love love love this of them. I asked Sandy how old she is; I won't share that info here, but I nearly fell out when she told me. Her skin (and Lanette's) is smooth as silk.

For this one, I asked Sandy to tell Lanette something that would make her laugh. I don't know what she said, but I caught that laugh.

Of course, we wanted photos with them too.

Then I set the camera on self-timer, and we just got silly...

Awwww...I love these sweet ladies.

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