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This Guy...Oh My!

I don't dislike spiders as a rule; I'm a "live and let live" kind of person. I have a little spider living in a corner of my bathroom. He stays in his corner, minds his business, and we get along great. But this guy here....wowser!

I believe this is an orb-weaver and not the biggest I've ever seen. There's a larger one in the backyard by the camper.

This guy has built his web where I have my half whiskey barrel of wildflowers growing. They're blooming profusely, and the butterflies are all over them. I like taking photos there, and I just don't want to see the butterflies trapped in the web. So he will have to be relocated tomorrow. A job for Jamie.

I know Mr. Spider has to eat but not right in front of me.

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1 Comment

Jul 17, 2021

Get the flame thrower! Call animal control! Call 911! Ick!

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