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Let's talk weddings.....

My biggest piece of advice to potential brides is this: choose a photographer whose work you love, because these images are meant to last a lifetime. These are the photos your children and grandchildren will be seeing many years down the road.  It's not the place to save a buck just to save a buck; you may find yourself sorely disappointed.

Weddings are fluid events.  There is no stopping for a timeout or a do-over. Once the day starts, it rolls like a river.  When it comes to the photography, your wedding is not the place for inexperience.  An experienced wedding photographer is an invaluable piece of your wedding day puzzle.  He or she knows how the day unfolds, can anticipate and be in the right place at the right time, can run the formal portion of the wedding, and can capture all the emotion of the day.  No wedding goes 100% as planned, but an experienced wedding photographer can roll with the unexpected and never miss a beat.  I have that experience.

Your photographer will be the hardest working person at your wedding.  He or she will also be the person with whom you spend the most amount of time during the course of the day.  Second only to loving your photographer's work, choosing someone whose personality complements yours and with whom you can work well is the most important thing to consider.  "Easy" is the word most often used by my clients to describe working with me.  It is YOUR day, and that is utmost in my mind at all times.  

My final piece of advice is this: remember, at the end of the day, no matter what didn't go according to plan, you will be married. And that is always the most important part of the day.  


I like simple, especially when it comes to pricing.   My pricing is structured to be simple and to give you control.  You won't have to wade through complicated packages or try to compare apples and oranges.   You choose the coverage you want.

While every wedding is unique, most follow a similar timeline and are made up of what I call "Elements."  



This is the busy time before the actual ceremony, when everyone is rushing around, wedding party members are getting ready, and finishing touches are being added to the decorations. There's so much going on that you won't see until you look at these images. This coverage begins about 3 hours before the start of the wedding.


The most important part of the day.  Coverage of the ceremony begins with guests being seated and includes everything to the recessional of the wedding party  If a staged exit from the church is planned for the newlyweds, it is also included in this coverage. .


A wedding brings together family and friends. From grandparents to cousins to nieces and nephews to your best-friend-since-5th-grade, everyone is there

to celebrate with you what will be one of the happiest days of your life.  These

images are the ones that inevitably become more valuable as the years pass.

And while some photographers shy away from the formals, I love them.  I take

great thought and care with the posing and lighting of these shots.

Depending on the size of your family and wedding party, this portion of the coverage may be started before the ceremony and completed after the guests have been released.  We will work together beforehand to create a list,

so that no shot is missed.

Post Ceremony Casuals

You've seen them--the fun, relaxed shots of the couple and the couple with the wedding party.  Once the ceremony and formal portraits are finished, it's time to breathe a little and enjoy.  We'll go outside or even to a second location, and I'll guide you (just a little) and capture your personality.  For

some couples, it's their first few moments alone since being pronounced.


So much happens during a reception.  Everything is covered: decorations,

guests and special friends during the welcome hour, introductions, speeches,

toasts, cake cutting, even your guests at each table. Then on to dancing, 

including all the special first dances. Even some fun crazy images of your

guests dancing the night away! I always finish with a special goodnight



Again, my pricing structure is designed to be very simple.  You choose

coverage of the elements you want, leave out what you don't need.

Pre-Ceremony                           $295

Ceremony                                   $995

Formals                                       $250

Post Ceremony Casuals           $250

Reception                                   $795

*Direct download of files included with all wedding coverage*

*Online gallery for 60 days included with all wedding coverage*


Second Photographer              $500

Engagement Session               $250

Bridal Session                            $250

**Additional fees apply for travel beyond a two-hour radius.

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