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Let's talk Portrait Sessions.....

Anyone can take a picture, but that's not what I do.  I create portraits.  Pressing the shutter button is just a small small part of that.  Getting to know you, making you comfortable in front of the camera, bringing out your natural personality, and showing connection--these are the important parts to me of creating a portrait.  I want to present you with images that you will proudly display on your walls and share with family & friends, not file away on your computer.

What is the value of a portrait?  I believe the value increases as the years go by, as children grow, as loved ones pass away.  Whatever stage of life you are in, you will never be "here" again.  And while time can't be stopped, this moment can be captured and recorded.

I love portrait sessions--they're fun, and each one is different.  When you're in front of my camera, you are the most important person in the world to me.  In my editing and art-working, I treat your images like they're my images.  Your family gets the same attention to detail I would give my family.  There is no difference.  


If there is a theme that runs through all aspects of my business, it is Simplicity.  I like simple.  I AM simple.  And in keeping with that theme, my portrait pricing is very simple.

$400 That's it.  Individual session, immediate family session, Senior session--same price. Extended families are welcome but will be scheduled differently according to size of the family. Extended family sessions will be charged according to Event pricing—minimum 2 hours at $300 per hour.   

What It Includes:

Each session includes one hour of shooting time at a single mutually agreed upon location one hour before sunset.  Session fee will include editing of images. Editing equals culling, correcting brightness & exposure, color balancing, cropping if necessary, and sprinkling my magic dust that gives it my look.  Digital cosmetic facial retouching services will be available as an add-on item at a per image charge. Retouching equals blemish removal, skin smoothing, teeth brightening, stray hair removal, glass glare removal.  You can view the prices here.

Session fee also includes files delivered via digital download and a 30 day online gallery. You will also receive a Permission To Reprint form that gives you unlimited personal use of the images.  You can purchase professional prints and enlargements through me, but you aren't required to do so.  I offer guidance and advice through the whole process, from choice of location to clothing suggestions to printing options and lab recommendations.

Family session

It's all about the connection.  Family members are connected to one another, and showing this connection is my number one goal with these sessions.  After choosing a location, we'll start with the largest grouping and work backwards.  I do a mixture of posed and casual shots, and grandparents are always welcome.


Couples Session

Grab your significant other for some "together" time.  This session is all about capturing the 

dynamics of your relationship and showing your connection.  I'll guide you a little, but my

ultimate goal is images that are natural and real.  Location of your choice.

7J7A4187 copy.jpg

Individual Session

You are beautiful! Know that, and believe it!  Celebrate yourself with a portrait session that is all about YOU!  I know the arguments: "I don't take a good photo" and "I'm not comfortable having

my photo made."  I've heard all that many times.  I am the photographer that will help you relax

in front of the camera--you may even find yourself laughing and enjoying yourself before the 

end of the session. And I promise you that I have yet to find the person who doesn't take a 

good photo.  Location of your choice.


Senior Sessions

Senior Sessions are a favorite of mine.  Each one is so unique, so individualized.  I'm not big on

fake props, but I like to include elements that have significance.  I want what is real to you--

your interests, your hobbies, your life.  Having a friend tag along is also welcomed and


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