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In Other Squirrel-y News

Nebula still visits me regularly. Sometimes I find her out front, nibbling on my succulents and turning over pots. Once in a while I find her in the backyard, which makes me anxious because that's Roscoe's kingdom, and he doesn't take kindly to small critters of any kind. Most of the time though, Nebula meets me over at Squirrel Casa aka the soft release cage. I might find her there or she may come down from the trees when I call her. This is her safe comfortable zone, and I even find evidence that she hangs out inside sometimes.

I'm so happy she's hanging around and visiting. She's a bit over nine months old now and she's big and she's beautiful. On this particular visit, she brought me a surprise...little Yondu came down to see me too. That's a face I've only glimpsed a couple times since release. I didn't get a photo, but I know it was her because she was loathe to take a nut from me. She finally did, but it took several minutes of patience on my part.

So on this day, Nebula came over to get her pecan. We've done this many times, so we both know our part. She won't jump on me, and I can't touch her. But if I place the pecan in my flattened palm and stretch up to her, she'll (mostly) gently take it.

I did my part, but she flubbed her part. She hit the pecan, and it rolled out of my hand. And this is what happens when a Nebula gets mad at me for dropping the nut SHE knocked out of my hand...

Yep, she bit me but just a little warning bite. It was "ouch" but not "OUCH!" In fact, I was surprised to see she had broken the skin. I fussed at her and told her that wasn't a nice thing to do. And then I pulled another pecan out of my pocket and held out to her. She was happy to try again.

"Give me the nut and nobody gets hurt!"

And she's off...see you next time, Nebula!

Bonus image and FYI: squirrels are NOT carriers of rabies.

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Oct 21, 2023

I just knew it! As soon as you mentioned that Nebula would turn over pots of your succulents, Roxie has a determination to turn over things (especially if they contain liquid). I recalled how I often wondered if squirrels & cats were related. I have noticed that here, the squirrels will be romping and playing and all of a sudden they are nowhere to be seen (must be nap time). Cats are on the opposite spectrum by playing most of the night & doing some serious napping during the day. Esther & I watched 3 deer grazing in the back yard from 4:00 am until 4:30 am.


Oct 21, 2023

That is so cool!

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