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Three Days In One Post

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Warning: this post will be image heavy. I have things to share from Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I won’t be too wordy because I’m already in bed & I'm sleepy.

Wednesday: Clover decided I was okay and started coming out of her shell. She showed me what a determined little lizard hunter she is, while Ivy frolicked & chewed on things. Still using the long lens so as not to scare Clover.

I did catch Wednesday’s sunset, and it was another beauty!

Thursday: Thanksgiving, and I did do a little cooking. In my last post, I mentioned falling in love with Mexico Beach when I met some wonderful local people volunteering at The Tent. One of those persons was Linda—she managed the operation as a volunteer—and she came over for Thanksgiving dinner. The guy who runs the food truck on the corner was serving meals, so we grabbed turkey, spiral cut ham, and green bean casserole from there to go with all the sides I had made. It was a wonderful day, and we ended it at the beach watching the sunset. On a side note, I also met Denise, for whom I’m dog-sitting, at The Tent. Of course, Denise and Linda know each other well, and Linda has even dog-sit (dog-sit/dog-sat??) for Denise. Clover needed zero warm up time with Linda. She snugged right up to her. I was a tiny bit jealous.

One more side note: if you arrive at the beach for sunset, and it’s completely empty save for two ladies sitting in chairs watching the sunset, the place to be is anywhere on that empty beach BESIDES in between those two ladies and the sunset.

Friday: played with the pups, picked up shells at the beach, visited a couple local shops, grabbed lunch from a local restaurant, watched the sunset on the beach.

Wonder what I’ll do tomorrow...

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1 Comment

Nov 29, 2020

Looks like a fabulously wonderful few days! I don’t blame you did being jealous. I woulda been, too! I’m no expert but I always say dog sat.

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