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A Little Sneak Peek

I met with the most adorable couple this afternoon for an engagement session. Erin and TJ drove from Nashville to Atlanta for a session at the Southeastern Railway Museum. What may seem an odd choice of location to some was actually the PERFECT spot for them. You see, TJ is a bit of a train aficionado. Hang out with him for a couple of hours at the train museum, and you will learn some new things.

For instance, in the train yard, apparently this is a thing....

But it doesn't mean what you think it means. The explanation is here at this link for those of you curios enough....

But I digress. I'm here to share just a snippet of Erin & TJ's engagement session. I visited the museum a couple weeks ago to look around & plan. After sending some photos to them, it was agreed that the mail car was a definite for the shoot. Can you see why? Everything about this car is amazing, and I love all lines lead to Erin & TJ.

Fact: this is TJ's favorite engine. I believe I heard him say he had a model of it when he was younger. I felt this was a Must Have shot for him.

She is so lovely and so easy to photograph. And here she is waiting so patiently for TJ, who is just outside the car talking trains with one of the museum volunteers. (Did I mention he likes trains?)

I rarely do black & white with my photography anymore, but this image practically begged to be so. This is another shot I envisioned ahead of time, and they pulled it off perfectly. Late night rendezvous, wouldn't you say?

I can't WAIT to dive in to this session and pull out all the goodies!

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