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A Piece Of My Day Revealed

Way back on November 28th, 2020, I shared a blog posted titled "Pieces Of My Day" that showed photos of my day but included no words to explain the photos. One of the included photos was this one, and I'm excited to finally share what this particular piece of the day showed.

I was at Cloud Nine Creations when I took the photo above.

Cloud Nine Creations is the wonderful little shop where I took the stained glass class with the oh-so-patient Lisa and made my adorable whale, affectionately named Little Moby.

Lisa is such a talent and makes all sorts of wonderful mosaic creations using stained glass. My original purpose in stopping by her shop was to order one of her custom glass house number plaques. I first saw these when Lisa was a vendor at October's Stronger Than The Storm event in Mexico Beach. I knew then I wanted one, even more so when I found out a portion of the proceeds was being donated to the MBARA (Mexico Beach Artificial Reef Association) to be earmarked for the pier rebuild.

I stopped in to inquire and ended up placing my order. Lisa spent a lot of time with me custom designing my plaque. From picking glass for the background, glass for the outline, color for the numbers, font for the numbers, sizing of everything, where to cut each number--Lisa got my input on everything. This also included choosing something to go above & below the numbers. I started with ladybugs; I thought that would be cute. After thinking about it for a few hours, I knew it had to be dogs. A dachshund and a Lab to be specific. I texted Lisa a couple photos I pulled from the internet and asked if she could do that instead. I went back the next day to finish the design process with her, and that's when I snapped the photo above.


My friend, Denise, and her hubby, Lu, came to town today from Mexico Beach. We had a delicious meal at The Social Goat--can't believe I didn't take any photos--and a wonderful visit. Afterwards, Denise pulled my gorgimous (yes, it's a word. I just made it up.) plaque out of the backseat. Yay! It's here, and I love it, and Lisa is so freakin' talented!

This is no lightweight piece. It's built to hang on houses at the beach and withstand the gusty winds they get. It's big, and it's heavy, and I know it will be easily readable from the road. I'll post a photo once it's hung.

Meanwhile, you can find Lisa and Cloud Nine Creations on Facebook.

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1 Comment

Jan 16, 2021

I love your house plaque!!! It’s beautiful! I’ve been wondering if you were going to come back to entertain us some more. I’ve missed you! She did a great job and I’m so glad you’re going to have your number so easily readable. When I went to your house the first time i really struggled trying to figure out which house we actually yours. But then this blonde doesn’t come out of a bottle so there’s that.

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