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Another Kevin Post

I’m sure I’ve overloaded you on posts about the Little Monster, but I know this boy is here for only a short time, so I’m documenting it all. Here’s the Kevin Post-Of-The-Day.

First up is a video of my sweet boy eating a piece of Healthy Block. This will be the biggest ingredient of his solid food diet while in captivity. Squirrels in captivity can easily develop Metabolic Bone Disease if their diet isn’t right.

On a side note, the Healthy Blocks and the Fox Valley Day One 20/50 formula comes from Henry’s Pets as do the syringes and Miracle Nipples used to feed him. They are a fantastic resource for information on caring for baby squirrels.

After getting his tummy full, Kevin is a very sleepy boy. And this is what he spends most of the day doing.

I handle him to feed him and soothe him and check him over, but, for the most part, I let him sleep in peace.

Next up is a little video of him taking his “bottle” and he’s very enthusiastic about mealtime. Amount of formula is determined by his weight; he gets 7% of his weight. Today he is 131 grams (he was 54 the day we found him) so he received 9.17 ml four times today. His last feeding is at dusk and won’t eat again til morning. And he doesn’t like being awakened too early in the a.m. He can be a bit of a grumpy Gus before 8:00.

Finally, this is how he takes his formula. It doesn’t matter how we try to hold him—he will stretch and push against our hands until he’s in this position.

He really looks like a squirrel now, doesn’t he? By our calculations, though there’s no way to be 100% positive, he is 6 weeks old.

Sweet baby.

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