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Bike ride

My friend, Sandy, and her husband, Ben, are letting me use some space at their place tomorrow to set up my studio for a head shot photo session with a client who doesn't have room at their office. (Whew, that's a long sentence. I hope it makes sense.). Jamie drove my equipment over for set-up, and I biked. Biking to Sandy's house was on my list of things to do before surgery next week, and this was the perfect opportunity.

It's about 15 miles, which seems like a very short distance compared to rides I've done in the past. But I'm not in the past, and I've been through four surgeries since January, and I've been mostly sedentary this year up until about a month ago. I've been riding a little bit the last two or three weeks, and this seemed like a good challenge.

Walton County line somewhere between 6 and 7 miles in.

Feeling good...

Another mile, give or take, and I made it to Social Circle.

A little sweatier, but still feeling good...

To be honest, I thought the ride was gonna be about 21 miles when I started and was surprised and a touch disappointed when it was only 15. I felt really good when I arrived, and I think I could have easily ridden six more miles. On a side note, I'm about 15 pounds lighter than when I last biked regularly, so the hills don't feel as tough.

And the prize at the end...seeing my sweet friend, Sandy!

I left my bike there, so when I finish my photo session in the morning, I'll bike back home.

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