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Happy Squirrel!

I try to add new and different things to Kevin’s cage to keep his mind stimulated. Today I bought and gave him a little stuffie toy. If I’d known the absolute joy and delight it was gonna give him, I’d have bought it before now.

First video was taken immediately upon giving it to him.

Pinkie, as the stuffie is now called, became Little Monster’s instant best pal and wrestling buddy!

Cage match:

Kevin and Pinkie, more wrestling tonight:

Kevin is 8 weeks old today and weighs approximately 216 grams. I say “approximately” because weighing him is becoming next to impossible. He jumps right off the scale. We moved his cage into his own room today, and he is showing signs that he doesn’t want to be held and handled outside his cage. Pinkie will be a good replacement for The Momma, although some handling will still be required. He still enjoys wrestling and petting inside his cage, and it’s obvious that’s his “safe” spot. He’s very hesitant to explore outside the cage, but squirrel babies in the wild are only just peeking outside the nest at his age. We’ll take things slow with him.

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John Blair
John Blair
Apr 05, 2022

I am fascinated by Kevin and you both.


Apr 05, 2022

It’s awesome to see him developing and growing!

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