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I Love A Squirrel…

and a squirrel still loves me!

What do you do when it’s not quite 7:00am, you’re just out of the shower, you’re getting ready for a big job on the other side of Atlanta, and Hubby excitedly yells out, “Little Feller is here!”? You throw on some clothes and run out to see him of course!

I love this little sweetie.

Jamie had a hazelnut in his pocket and the hidden in his fist. He likes to play a game and make Kevin hunt for it a little bit.

Kevin says, “Haha, now give me the nut!” His sense of smell is so keen that he always knows exactly where the nut is.

I so appreciated the visit with him this morning. Great start to what is gonna be a very busy day.

on a sidenote, yesterday marked eight weeks that Kevin has been on his own in the wild. We still see him almost every day, and we never get tired of it.

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