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One Year

March 4th, 2022, one year ago today, I found a squirrel while out walking with Jamie and the pups.

I took him home, named him Kevin, and raised & released him. What an adventure that was—one we will never forget!!

We think maybe we see him out in the yard. There’s a squirrel that takes pecans that I put out from the spot where Kevin used to get pecans. He’s a wild squirrel now though, and he won’t come down to us. I still love him, and I miss him every day. And yes, I’ve cried from missing him.

March 4th, 2023, today, this afternoon, a knock on the door….four boys from the neighborhood bringing a little orphan to me…

Meet Baby Groot

He’s been warmed, hydrated, had a couple meals, and is catching up on his sleep. I went to where he was found hoping to coax Momma Squirrel down with a recording of a baby squirrel crying. I learned that he approached the boys’ mom at 7:30 this morning while she sat on the porch. He was put back to the big tree in the yard but kept coming back. Baby squirrels will approach people when they’re in distress. The only nest I saw looked like it had fallen to low limbs from high up, breaking apart somewhat—we had some high winds yesterday. I played the recording, but the only thing the cries attracted was a hawk. Not today, Mr. Hawk. Baby Groot will hang out at my house for a bit.

Jamie and I walked by this same house a couple days ago, and there was a dead squirrel in the road that had been hit by a car. Was this perhaps Momma Squirrel? Could be. Could explain Baby Groot leaving the safety of his nest if the broken one wasn’t his. I’ll probably try the baby squirrel recording again early in the morning—the homeowner said the yard is busy with squirrels in the morning.

Okay, I’ll just say it…I love him already!

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1 Yorum

05 Mar 2023

I’m so happy for you, Jamie, and your new baby squirrel. Such precious photos!

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