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The speed at which a baby squirrel grows and changes is amazing to see! Kevin has been here only eight days, but he doesn’t look like the same little squirrel. The day we found him, I could wrap him up in my hand.

Today, I can’t do that…

He was such a tiny little fella…with a hairless belly and legs…

Today…fur is coming in nicely.

And look at this adorable face from a few days ago…

Today he looks more like a squirrel…

So even though I can’t wrap him up completely in my hand anymore, he still seems to want to curl up there to fall asleep.

On a side note, did you know squirrels can purr? It’s true, and I could feel him purring as he snuggled in my hand. Delightful!

On another side note, he’s gained 21 grams since he arrived. He’s got a great appetite, and he’s doing great toilet business. His strength is great, and he’s starting to walk a little instead of scooting. I expect his eyes will open anytime now.

The Littlest Monster is a little joy!

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13. März 2022

You might have a lifelong friend! Maybe he will come back and visit you from time to time.

Gefällt mir
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