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It’s A Boy!

We have a new little family member.

We found him lying in the middle of a sidewalk while walking the pups yesterday. Roscoe walked right by him, and I saw him just before Jack did.

I put him next to the nearest tree, and then I tried to walk away. Honest, I did try. I walked about 50 yards, telling myself, “Circle of life, circle of life.” I couldn’t do it. I walked back, scanned for Mama Squirrel, and then scooped him up when I didn’t see or hear her.” He curled up immediately in my hand. We passed there again on our way home, and there was no Mama Squirrel anywhere.

He‘s young-3 to 4 weeks old, I’d say. I texted a rehabber I’ve used in the past, but I never heard anything back. So…I knew enough to get him started—warmth, hydration, nourishment.

He seems to be doing well today. He’s fed every couple of hours, he’s peed, he’s pooped, he’s been kept warm and cozy and away from the pups. I have some special formula arriving Tuesday, along with some smaller oral syringes.

I’ll do the best I can. I know baby squirrels are fragile, and I’m trying not to get too attached. But I love him already, and his name is Kevin.

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