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It's About Time!

Kevin has been MIA for nearly five days, and man, my heart has been hurting. Even though I KNOW it's inevitable, not seeing him every day stings a little bit.

Well, who do you think showed up this evening acting like he hasn't been anywhere? Did I fuss? Not a bit! I was so happy to see him!

I think he was happy to see me too....he nibbled on my arm & hand, we wrestled a little bit, and he took lots of petting. I would have been happy just seeing him and knowing he's okay, but he spent nearly an hour with me.

He even stretched out and rested on my shoulder. I see him sometimes doing this in the trees, so I guess this evening I was the tree.

I don't know where he's staying these days, but I'm almost positive it's NOT the oak tree in the front yard. He looks good, and I didn't see or feel any bite marks or wounds on him. I fed him a walnut piece that had a drop of medicine on it that should take care of any fleas or mites he might have picked up. It's a once-a-month treatment, so I need to see him at least that much.

Who am I kidding? I'd be happy to see him every single day. I told my friend, Ed, today that it's stupid ridiculous how much I love this squirrel.

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