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It’s Spring!

Even though I’ve yet to do the first bit of work in my yard and flowerbeds, things are waking up & growing & blooming! Yay, I love Spring!

The azaleas always put on a show, even when I think they won’t do much.

My lovely irises…

Delphinium. I’m so pleased this has come back. Last year was my first time planting this, and I didn’t know what to expect.

Blurry photo here, and I can’t remember what this is, but it’s back. It was the first thing to bloom, and even made it through a little cold snap.

This is a pot of balloon flowers—Platycodon grandiflorus—and they will be the loveliest purple flowers.

Last year, I planted a beautiful hydrangea in a half whiskey barrel, and it’s budding out.

This one tickles me to no end. I fell in love with peonies several years ago when I saw them at the home of my friend, Mary Arnwine, but I’ve never been able to grow them. I planted this rhizome last year, but it did nothing. I figured it had died, but it’s given me a sweet surprise this year.

Sweet little dianthus is blooming.

My Gerber daisies are blooming pretty too.

Finally, I planted these carnations two years ago for Kevin. He loved red carnations—favored them over pink and white. Each morning, before his release, I would pick one and put in on his plate of breakfast food. He would devour it! These didn’t do much last year, but here they are this year. Sweet little reminder for me

Other things are growing, and I hope I can do some garden prep work before May 1st. In the backyard, in my bucket garden, I have potatoes, onions, garlic, dill, and stevia already growing.

Did I mention I love Spring? I LOVE Spring!

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12 apr

Beautiful! We love spring too. In Florida, we had a mild winter with no hard freezes. Did not loose any plants or flowers. We enjoy our garden too. Our “spring” has been quite nice as well. Enjoy!

Mi piace
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