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A Closer Look

It's amazing what we don't see when we look at something. For instance, I went out this afternoon to look at my bromeliads & give them some water. They live in a quiet shaded corner of my yard. I have some Thanksgiving & Christmas cacti over there too.

Look pretty good to me....what do you see?

Take a closer look...

Closer please....C'mon, you gotta get closer than that....check out the small pot on the right.

That's the one. Do you see?

Nestled tightly in that little plant, quiet as a mouse...

A sweet little tree frog...

He did come out when I added water. Note: these next photos were taken with my cell phone.

I was quiet & gentle and slow & deliberate with my movements so I wouldn't scare him.

He waited patiently while I added water.

When I finished, he climbed back in to the plant & snugged down. Day made!

And a lesson to me to take more closer looks.

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