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Katie And Jake's Sneak Peek

Warning: this is a photo-heavy blog post. Katie and Jake are a very special couple to me, and it was such an honor to be their photographer. I could have easily chosen double the number of photos to show. I hope you'll enjoy this little look at their day.

Katie was one of the easiest brides with whom I've worked, and she rolled with everything the day threw at her. And it threw plenty! She was calm & happy all day and enjoyed it all!

Presented with very little commentary from me, I give you a peek at the wedding of Katie & Jake.

Jake's dad was also his best man.

Katie's bouquet was made by her and her grandmother using vintage brooch pins.

First look with her dad....

Katie also had a first look with the groomsmen.

Everyone who knows Jake and knows Gary will immediately recognize why this is such a special moment.

Jake's mom, Diana, "pinning" on Jake's boutonniere

Because I know them so well, I knew I could say, "Oh no, Jake, the pin stuck you" and they would run with it. They didn't miss a beat...

Jake loves his Momma.

Enter Daniel, the officiant.

It's Go time!

Every wedding needs a Ring Bear-er, and this little man was fantastic!

Jake's first look at Katie...

The best man's (Jake's dad) toast brought some tears to a few eyes...

I stole them for a quick quiet stroll...

Will they or won't they? Jake's face makes you wonder...

Time to dance, and dance the crowd did! Such a fun party!

Hands down, THE most fun garter toss photos I've ever taken.

Hands down, THE most fun bouquet toss photos....these ladies meant business!

Happy Happy Bride! I'm so happy for both of them.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Martin!

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John Blair
John Blair
Sep 05, 2022

Holy smokes. What a beautiful wedding, beautifully captured.


Sep 05, 2022

Beautiful! Congratulations to Katie and Jake!

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