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Kevin’s Very Busy Day

Every day brings new exciting adventure when you’re a squirrel only 8 weeks old, and that was certainly the case for Little Monster today.

I helped a friend this morning with her yard sale, and amongst the tables I found this little stuffie. Ruby. “Kevin will love it!” And I wasn’t wrong. Here’s their first meeting…

First meeting continued… How quick and agile are squirrels? Even at 8 weeks of age, the answer is “Extremely!” and this little snippet shows that. Ruby hit the floor…

So Kevin was immediately smitten with Ruby, but Ruby showed him first thing that she wouldn’t be a pushover like Pinkie…he had to get a little reassurance from The Daddyman!

A little bit later in the day, Kevin got to meet a new person for the first time when my friend, Rachel, came over for a visit. (Remember, I’ve had a pair of gloves in his cage preparing for this event.) I warned her ahead of time that Kevin is shy and a bit of a Momma’s squirrel and probably wouldn’t allow her to handle him. She understood.

Well. Right away, he gave clear signs that not only was he curious about Rachel, he had every intention of meeting, interacting, and making friends with her. No gloves required!

Hello. My name is Kevin.

Fact: if he runs across your back, he likes you.

I left the room for a couple minutes and came back to find this:

Yep, they’re friends now!

And then, Kevin got to enjoy a yummy piece of kale Rachel brought him from her garden:

After the kale, he hopped in his cube for a well-deserved nap. New adventure is exhausting when you’re an 8 week old squirrel.

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