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More Of The Guardians

Here’s a photo showing the size difference between Nebula, the biggest, and Yondu, the tiniest. There’s nearly 100 grams difference in weight with only two weeks difference in age.

The saucer you see at the bottom of the photo is their litter box. Do squirrels use a litter box? Oh yeah, but only to pee. Check out Yondu in this video. I just put the saucer in the cage today, in the spot they had already been using, and they took to it right away.

So how is it to be raising four baby squirrels? It’s about as crazy and fun as you can imagine!

Finally, here’s a video that shows just a bit of Yondu’s feistiness. Didn’t catch her bark, but you can see her giving one of her brothers the business.

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