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Mornings With Kevin

Morning encounters with Kevin are all Jamie, and it's some of his best time with the little feller. Sometimes he's out before sunrise waiting and hoping Kevin will make an appearance. He's often rewarded. And without me around, Jamie gets a little more attention from him.

This first video is from Wednesday morning. Turn on your sound.

Hahaha! That's funny, but it's important to note that Kevin didn't break the skin on Jamie's thumb. I think it was just a little warning bite, "gently" delivered because he loves the Daddyman.

This second video is from this morning. It's a long one but sooooo worth the watch. I love it! I've watched it several times, and it's easily one of my most favorites. Be sure your sound is on.

It absolutely tickles me that Jamie gets such special one-on-one time with Kevin. I know how much I enjoy my time with him, and I can tell Jamie enjoys his just as much. We LOVE this little squirrel!

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