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My Friend, Sandy

Wow, has it really been a week since I've been here to write a post? I had so many plans for January--I was gonna use the month to update my website and blog, blog, blog. Instead, I hit the ground running with work January 1st, and I haven't stopped. Still running with no end in sight. Jamie's work is even busier than mine, and it's challenging to find some down time. I'm at the computer even now editing one session and sorting another. I'm gonna take a little break from that to share a post with y'all about my friend, Sandy.

I shared the first chapter of her fairytale with Ben and left it at their engagement. I want to tell you a little bit tonight about Sandy. Because she's such a special person.

I told you I met Sandy through my photography work with United Bank, and I would have occasion once or twice a year to photograph her when I visited Wealth Management, where she worked. She was a very easy subject to photograph right from the start--always a smile for me, always accommodating, always pleasant. She was named Employee Of The Year in 2018, well deserved I thought, and I got to photograph her when she received that accolade. If that were as far as my interaction with Sandy went, I would tell you what a nice lady she is.

But....I've had the extreme pleasure of getting to know Sandy outside of work the last couple years, and "nice lady" is just too much of an understatement. If I had to describe her in one word, I would tell you that Sandy is sunshine.

She has such a kind gentle spirit about her that it makes one feel warm just being around her.

Her smile is easy and natural, and she's quick to laugh. She's so genuine.

Before 2019, I only ever saw her in a business setting where she was in business attire, and that was the entire picture I had of her in my mind. Nope, nope, nope. She's classy, that's for sure, but she's more of a free spirit. Think vintage hippy chick. She does that very well.

Or maybe think Sandy from the end of Grease. She does that very well too.

Or maybe even Girl Next Door. She's all that, rolled in to one sweet personality.

The smile isn't fake, it reaches all the way to her eyes, it lights up her face, and her happiness just bubbles over and surrounds everyone. She really is sunshine.

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Jan 30, 2021

Beautiful Portrait session, Her resemblance to Sandy in Grease is uncanny. Love her car collection!


Jan 30, 2021

What a wonderful tribute!!!

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