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Not The End?

I was very happy to see Kevin in the front yard this morning. I had photo sessions scheduled all day and was on my way to the first one, so I only got a couple minutes to talk to him.

He turned his back to me and continued eating without fear, so I was positive it was him.

I sat outside late afternoon and evening hoping he would pay a visit, but all was quiet & still, and I didn’t get even a glimpse of any squirrel. I did spy what looked like a new little nest, and I wondered if it was Kevin’s work.

I felt a little sad I didn’t get to see him, but I was comforted by the thought that this meant he was doing his squirrel thing out in the wild. I checked the top of the squirrelio where Jamie had left a pecan and a couple blocks. Everything was still there, so I knew he hadn’t been back. There is now a portal cut in the top of the squirrelio to allow him access, and we decided to leave that open. You know….just in case.

I checked his room one last time about 9:30. I can’t believe how quiet and empty it seems. The air is still on in there, and it rustles the leaves. Their movement caused me to take a second glance as I was shutting the door, and as I did, the sweetest little face popped out of his cube and looked at me. Kevin!!!

I don’t know when he came in, but he’s here. He came for just a minute to greet Jamie and me and then went back to bed. It’s so good to see him! The squirrelio portal will be closed for the night, but we’ll open it again in the morning. He can come and go as he pleases. I expect his room will be his safe spot for a week or two until he’s familiar with the lay of the land.

He‘s still a free squirrel.

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