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Once Upon A Time...Sandy & Ben

That's how all fairytales start, right? I'm about to share Chapter 1 of one of the sweetest fairytales I know.

I met Sandy through my photography work with United Bank and their Wealth Management division. I've been taking her photo (for business) for almost eleven years. No kidding, I have always from the first time I photographed her thought Sandy was a lovely lady, Such a sweet disposition, she always had a smile for me, and she was so easy to photograph. (She's still easy to photograph.) I could tell she was has a kind soul. I didn't know her outside of work, and I only visited Wealth Management for photography once or twice a year. I know she was away from work for an extended time in 2018, and it wasn't until much later I learned she had been fighting endometrial cancer. Even with our limited interaction, I got to see amazing changes in Sandy over the years. She went from lovely to stunningly beautiful--happiness & love will do that to you. As the story goes, and I hope I'm not butchering it, Sandy had reason one weekend to be in her little hometown of Wrightsville, Georgia. She stopped at a local pizza shop for a bite to eat, and there she ran in to a familiar face from high school--Ben. It had been some number of years, and she wasn't sure he would remember her. Of course he remembered her. "I always remember the pretty girls." What a flirt!

And so it began. Turns out, they're just perfect for each other. You can see it in the way they look at each other, you can hear it in the way they talk to & about each other, and you can feel it just being around them.

Sandy & I became friends on FB, and I got to follow all the traveling adventures of these two. One day, I got a call from her about doing a personal photo session for them, and I jumped at the chance. These are just some of my favorites from our time together. We had such a good time. These were taken in August of 2019, and I think it wasn't very long after this they became engaged.

But seriously, aren't the heels to die for?

A definite may see this one again.

I love seeing Sandy so happy.

I love this couple, and I was thrilled when Sandy asked me to be their wedding photographer. And I enjoy the friendship we now have. (On a side note, they feed their pups raw too, and they get their dog food from us. So I get to see her & them fairly regularly.)

Stay tuned for Chapter 2 of this sweet fairytale. There's drama ahead....

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1 Comment

Jan 19, 2021

Sweet story!! And yes I do like the shoes but that car!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!

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