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Q & A About Kevin

He’s been here for 28 days, and wow at the changes!

Day 1:

Day 28: (today)

I’m no squirrel expert, but Little Monster has taught me a thing or two. Have a look at this video, and I’ll answer a few questions.

What is Kevin eating at the beginning of the video?

I don’t know if he’s actually eating it, but he’s chewing on a piece of the bark off the limb in his cage. You can see several items scattered around the cage that are there just for him to chew. Squirrel teeth are continuous growing and so have to be continuously worn down. Besides branches and limbs, he has apple sticks, a pumice stone, a rock, a couple seashells, a pinecone, and even a small deer antler. (Shhhh…don’t tell Roscoe about the antler.)

His teeth must be really sharp! Does he bite you?

Kevin wrestles my hand all the time, and he doesn‘t bite me. He used to nibble harder than he does now, but I would squeak “Ow!” when he’d do it. I think he caught on, and his nibbling now is at a much lower pressure. Having said that though, he COULD inflict a serious bite on me. I’ve read that you will KNOW when I squirrel has intended to bite you. I respect his space. I don‘t reach in to him when he is holding food because squirrels can be very aggressive where food is concerned. I also clean all food out of his cage each evening and don’t let him create stashes.

What are the leaves at the bottom of the cage?

That‘s a small magnolia limb. Magnolia is a safe wood for squirrels, and he enjoys both the wood and the leaves.

He sure does scratch a lot. Does he have fleas?

No. In Kevin’s case, it’s simply dry skin from the dry air in the house. I need to turn on the humidifier in the bedroom.

I bet he pees everywhere and on you all the time. No and no. Like a lot of squirrels, Kevin has one particular place in his cage where he pees—at the bottom of the ramp. I’ve seen him get out of his nest at night just to trek down the ramp to pee. And then right back to bed. As for peeing on me, it’s happened only twice in the last month. I don’t even think about it when I’m handling him. Poop? Well, that’s another story, but even that isn’t bad.

Kevin’s pee spot and Kevin’s pee face…

Why are there gloves in Kevin’s cage?

I put the gloves there because Kevin might be meeting a couple new people next weekend. He’s very sensitive to smells and could lash out at the smell of unfamiliar hands. The gloves will be in his cage for the next week and then his new admirers can wear them if he’s open to a visit.

Will you ever let Roscoe and Jack meet him? Through the cage maybe?

Never. End of story.

What’s the best part of raising a squirrel?

I love wrestling with him, but I adore when wants to snuggle in for a nap.

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1 Comment

John Blair
John Blair
Apr 02, 2022

I. Love. It.

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