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Saturday Night's Post

I started this post Saturday night. I got as far as uploading all the photos and writing an opening paragraph. Then I got sleepy and went to bed. It's Monday night now, but I'm gonna act like it's Saturday night and finish THIS post. Then I'm gonna (hopefully) write tonight's (Monday night's) post. It's a goody, but I'm subject to get sleepy again.

Day 1--10 weeks ago, March 4th, 2022. We found Squirrel Baby Little Monster Kevin lying on the sidewalk while on a walk with our pups.

Day 71--10 weeks later, May 14th, 2022. Big boy Kevin, able to span giant distances in a single leap.

Quite the acrobat.

There is no spot in his room he can't reach, and UP looking down on us is his favorite place to be.

Absolutely positively KNOWS when Jamie is trying to sneak a pecan into the room....

...and won't stop looking until he finds it.

And it's true....

....nuts are like crack rock to squirrels.

And this is what it looks like when a squirrel comes barreling at you because he thinks you're trying to mess with food he's hidden. (Note: I WAS trying to mess with food he had hidden. I was trying to find it to dispose of it. I thought the pecan would keep him occupied.)

We've brought him out of his room the last few days to give him a chance to explore new terrain. He's had a chance to check out our office...

...and he's had opportunity to explore the living room...

...and he even got a chance to eyeball Roscoe for the first time. The pups are always outside when we bring Kevin out of his room.

Kevin is a homebody though, and his room is his safe place. He only explores for a few minutes and then makes his own way back to his room.

He's king of the castle there, and the rest of the house doesn't seem to interest him.

He's 14 weeks old now, and the time is upon us to start the release process. I hope I've done well by him. I've tried to provide him with the things I thought would prepare him for life in the wild. As best as I could being a human teaching a squirrel living in the house.

I love him, and I've enjoyed every minute spent with him. I'll miss this sweet face...

But the trees await. He'll have a blast, climbing higher and jumping farther than he ever could in his little room. And that thought makes me very happy.

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2 comentários

17 de mai. de 2022

You have done well by your 🐿 baby. I hope he checks on you from time to time from your trees.


17 de mai. de 2022

You have raised him very well. The photo of him in mid air is awesome!

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