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Shout Out!

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Hey, I received a couple very cool gifts this week straight from the maker, CC’s Custom Treasures, and I wanna show them to you.

The first is this awesome custom tumbler...

Why yes, those ARE just the cutest little cacti on my tumbler!

Did I mention it was custom made just for me? I know this because my name is right there!

Love! Love love love!! But that wasn’t my only gift....she also made me this fabulous decal of one of my very favorite characters (when portrayed by one of my very favorite actors, Hugh Jackman....hereafter referred to as ‘My Next Husband’. 🤣)

You can find CC’s Custom Treasures on FB. I’ve seen some of her other work, and the creativity is fantastic!!!

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1 Comment

Nov 21, 2020

What an awesome gift!!!! Someone is VERY thoughtful!!! You are so loved!!

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