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Something New For Little Monster

I think we can all agree that Kevin has a pretty sweet setup in his room—tree limbs everywhere, fleece ropes to climb, a cat tower to run up and down, a giant cage with doors always open, and lots of places to nap & hide.

It lacks just one thing—outdoor atmosphere. Kevin is quite happy in his room, but squirrels aren’t meant to live indoors.

I‘ve been watching him as he looks out the window and decided he needs to be introduced to the outside world. Gently because he’s timid with new things…in a way that will allow him to go at his pace.

Ta-Da! Jamie spent some time this afternoon building Kevin his very own catio!

It will be attached to the house in front of his window with access via a tube that will allow him to go in and out at his leisure. The screen is hardware cloth that Kevin won’t be able to chew through, and it’s attached on the inside to prevent him from chewing the wood frame.

I’m so excited for him! There’s a family of squirrels that visits in the front yard that he can observe. And he can feel the fresh air and be in the daylight he’s meant to be in.

We’re hoping to install this tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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