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Something Unexpected

There’s much to be said and many photos to share, but another time. Tonight I’ll just share this…

Kevin’s new home.

It’s not the way I originally planned, but it feels like it’s right.

Kevin is free.

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May 18, 2022

Yeah, my eyes are leaking. You guys did a fantastic job. 💕


May 18, 2022

It heart my heart a little to see Little Feller racing around in his Oak, as I slowly realized he may not come back down and jump on us. But, I know how hard it is for Adrianne to see him grow up and take out on his own. She Loves that little boy and has done such an amazing and sweet job raising him. She made sure he was ready at each step of the way - growing and learning and loved. He is a healthy, happy boy in his giant new world.

Great job Sweetheart!

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