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The Moon And Sun

Jamie and I were in Daytona Beach, Florida recently, and I spied this piece at a flea market.

Made of cast aluminum and hand painted, it was gorgeous! It spoke to me, and I was drawn to it immediately. We had flown to Daytona Beach, and it was too big for the suitcase, so I couldn't entertain thoughts of buying it. But I kept going back to it.

When I look at it, I see the Sun, wild & fiery & extreme & out of control at times, being embraced by the Moon, the calm & easy & gentle & constant Moon.

I see the love the Moon gives to the Sun....

....that quiets the chaos in her mind and spirit.

I see Jamie, the yin to my yang, the bringer of peace to my life, the giver of steadfast love that brings clarity to my thoughts. I see me, securely wrapped in his love. Yes, I can be extreme at times: stubborn, mouthy, temperamental, anxiety gets the better of me sometimes, and I can throw down an ugly word now & again. But Jamie loves me through all of that, and his steadfast love encircles me and pulls me back from the edge every time.

The piece spoke all that to me, and I couldn't leave it in Florida. Thankfully, my son, Joey, and his wife, Kim, were in Daytona Beach too and had driven there. I was able to send it with them. After a week at Disney, it arrived home to me yesterday. Jamie hung it this evening, and I love it. Now if I can just look at it without getting teary and emotional....

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3 commenti

29 giu 2021

I loved reading this and the one "Gone from my sight!". I would like to use it in a tribute on Thursday...if it is okay with you.

Mi piace

29 giu 2021

Love that you can see all that. Better yet, you can verbalize it. I guess I’m just numb…

Mi piace

29 giu 2021

I Love her Spirit and I Love being her Moon.....

Mi piace
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