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There's A Change In The Air

I felt it this morning when I stepped outside....a coolness. As much as I love cool fall temperatures, I know this change means my hummingbirds will soon be leaving for warmer climate. Sigh.... I love those little birds.

I'll make it a point to go out each day I can with my camera.

I have seven feeders hanging around the yard, but this is one I have the most success when taking photos. This little one looks like she feels the change in the air too.

It's very rare that I capture two birds at one feeder or even two birds in the same frame, so I was pleased with this shot. They refuse to dine together and spend more time chasing each other than they do actually dining.

During a rain a few days ago. I was standing in the doorway.

I've learned this year that these are some fiercely territorial little birds. You can see the little one on the right trying to slam on the brakes when he sees somebody already in his spot. Or maybe he was going in with a ninja kick.

Either way, bird #1 was furious at the intrusion.

I was quite delighted though.

I've added several different pots of flowers this summer to attract the hummingbirds, but the most popular, by far, is the flowering hyacinth bean vines. They love them and feed from the tiny flowers almost as much as the feeders. The vines make quite an impressive backdrop.

I have the vines in several spots around the yard, even in pots and half whiskey barrels. I've learned though, that the vines do better planted in the ground. I'm collecting seeds now for next year and will have lots of extras if anybody is interested.

Besides the vines, I have three pots of chrysanthemums that have bloomed almost all summer long--white, yellow, and purplish pink.

Good eye to anyone that caught the hummingbird at the feeder, and Really good eye to anyone who caught the hummingbird, cactus, and succulents on the flag.

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1 Comment

Sep 11, 2021

Love them all !

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