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Trying Something New

Since last December, I've been taking yoga classes when I can at a studio called Moxie. Website here: I found it to be calming to my mind, and it really helped prepare me for surgery in January. I had very tight hips and pain in my right shoulder, and yoga stretched everything out. I've been hooked ever since and have taken classes in between surgeries when my doctor has given me the green light.

Saturday I took a paddle board yoga class. It's something I've wanted to try the last few weeks, and I knew this was my last opportunity this year. I've never even been on a paddle board but decided to try it anyway.

Enjoy the photos Jamie took of this little experience.

Here's Stephanie showing me how to use the paddle...

And I'm off...


Let's do some yoga...

I think the ducks want to practice yoga with us too.

I'm happy I tried this class. I enjoyed it and will take it again next year. Jamie and I talked about getting our own paddle boards because it seems like it would be fun to take out on the lake. But that's a conversation for next year.

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1 comentario

17 ago 2023

I do admire your adventuresome spirit. I also admire Jamie for capturing everything in pictures to prove you do all this adventuresome stuff.

Me gusta
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