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Twelve Weeks 2 Days Later...

...and The Guardians are free and in the trees. It was a beautiful perfect day for release, and after a little coaxing, out they came & off they went. They knew exactly what to do. I expected (okay, hoped) them to return to the nest box this evening, but I was sadly disappointed. Nobody came back, though we could see them playing & jumping in the high branches. We think they took over an empty nest. True to form, Nebula was busy this afternoon gathering leaves to make it cozy. I'll continue to put food out for them until they're no longer taking it.

Sigh....I'm a mixture of happy & sad. Happy for them to be able to climb as high as they want and live their best little squirrel lives. Sad for me that this adventure is over and I won't be able to spend time with them anymore. Rocket had become a sweet reminder of Kevin, doing some of the things Kevin used to do.

Not surprising, Nebula was the first one out followed immediately by Drax.

Yondu was third, and surprisingly, she didn't flip me off and scamper away.

Rocket was last, and when he came out, Yondu went back in.

She seemed a little surprised that nobody came back in with her.

So out she came again, this time for good. She still didn't flip me off. (She had gotten to where she would take a pecan from my hand, but she had to give me a little bite every time she did it...just to let me know who's boss.)

I'll see you in the trees, little Guardians. Run, jump, play, be aware, and be safe. And there will always be Healthy Blocks and pecans for you here.

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1 Comment

May 30, 2023

Has to be gratifying to see them thrive in the environment they were meant to be in. They are where they should be because of your hard work and nurturing.❤️

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