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Surgery, Take 2

We did it! We’re on the other side of this surgery, and everything looks great so far! Surgery lasted a little longer than expected, and I can tell today it will be a bit of a slower recovery. I’m being kept an additional night in the hospital for observation. The first 24 hours are the most crucial, and I do have a history now of bleeding and necrosis. I told Jamie yesterday morning that this is it. If this isn’t successful, I’ll have tissue expanders removed, do a flat closure, and forget about reconstruction.

The drive to Atlanta was a rainy one. We left the house at 7:15 to be sure to make it by 9:30. It’s only 36 miles but with the weather and Atlanta traffic, you have to leave early. We arrived at 9:00.

Feels like we’ve been here before…


Jamie watched my progress through the day on this screen. I was #173. I came out of recovery weak and tired and with my hands and arms hurting, probably from positioning during surgery. It did last longer than expected—my doctor told Jamie I was in between healing stages and things were a bit goopy inside.

My room. Because I had lymph nodes removed from my right side during my mastectomy, I can never have blood draws or blood pressure checks done on my right arm. The red tag let’s everyone know this.


Shot of Heparin to help prevent blood clots

Feeling good this morning. I was checked hourly all night long, but I slept very well in between checks. Jamie slept like a log all night, and I’m sure it was the exhaustion of the last two weeks.

First time out of bed and first walk

New IV line because the original one wasn’t acting right and it was paining me.

My back, from where the surgeon took skin and muscle.

And finally…drumroll please…I think my doctor has done a fantastic job. I’m happy and hopeful.

And now I’m feeling sleepy, so I’m gonna close my eyes for a bit.

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