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Just Want To Share

This is a photo of my oldest son, Joey, taken 35 years ago when he was about five or six months old. The outfit he's wearing was handmade for him by his Aunt Lissa for his first Easter. Isn't he adorable?

I loved that outfit on him. She made a little button up shirt to go with it, but this is how I liked him in it. I had him in it so much, I'm surprised it survived without stains or holes.

I loved that outfit so much that I kept it, tucked it away in a box of special baby items. Thirty-five years later, I pulled that little outfit out and carried it with me Easter weekend when I went to Florida to spend a couple days with my grandbaby. (And his parents, of course.) My hope was that Kyler would fit in this outfit--he's a big baby--and I could photograph him.

I was not disappointed...

He's not sitting up yet, but he stayed propped up long enough for me to get some adorable images of him. I'm over the moon. With him and with these photos. And I'm so grateful to his mom & dad (my son, Joey) for humoring a besotted photographer Grammar.

Joey is a huge Atlanta Braves fan--HUGE--so the baseball fit in the photo. Plus, Joey is holding a ball & glove in a couple of the photos from the session when he was the baby. Isn't Kyler adorable?

And on a side note, this wasn't the first time I pulled out that little outfit. I loved it so much that, six years after Joey wore it, Seth wore. Again, many times. I really am surprised it still looks so good. And just like with Joey, I had Seth photographed in it. He was smaller than Joey and still fit it at about 9 months old when this portrait was made.

I still love that outfit, and I'm gonna hang on to it some more.

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