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Day 1:

Day 22 (today) and he no longer likes to curl up in my hand.

Half a second later: “Let me go, Momma! I’m gonna pee on you when I get free!”

And he did! Pee on me, that is.

I have to handle him daily so that I CAN handle him as he grows. His release will be late May/early June. Without daily handling, he will become unmanageable outside his cage. I’m not trying to make a pet out of him, but I don’t want to tangle with a wild squirrel with long sharp teeth. And bite pressure stronger than that of a bear.

On the flip side, he does like to snuggle on my shoulder and in my hair.

Squirrel selfie!

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1 comentário

John Blair
John Blair
26 de mar. de 2022

Oh the joys and tribulations of parenting. We raise them to leave the house. Always bittersweet.

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