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What They Say Is True

Here’s a video of me and Little Monster wrestling.

He’s a tough wrestler, and we wrestle hard. This video doesn’t do real justice to how heated our matches get. As I’ve mentioned, the wrestling is an important activity. It burns off baby squirrel energy and puts him in a calm snuggly state. It keeps him used to being handled, and it allows me to establish myself as the alpha in our little relationship.

That may sound a bit harsh, but Kevin absolutely cannot be allowed to dominate me. “He’s a cute little squirrel. What could he possibly do to dominate you?” He can bite, that’s what he can do.

You can see in the video that he constantly goes for my fingers, and he isn’t gentle. But those are play bites, and they’re different.

I’ve read that if a squirrel delivers an angry intentional bite, you will know it. This is true. Two days ago, Kevin bit me.

He was guarding his roll of toilet paper, and I reached for it. The bite was a warning to me to back off. It was quick, sharp, deliberate, and it was nothing like his play bites when we wrestle. And while it wasn’t as deep a bite as it could have been, it was definitely intentIonal.

Full disclosure here: it was evening, I was very tired, and I made a couple mistakes that caused this. I don’t blame him, he was acting as a squirrel acts.

It hurt, and I don’t want to get bitten again. But I can’t carry fearful energy into his room. I have to be able to handle him for a few more weeks. And I want to, honestly—he’s a fun little fella.

So we wrestle, and The Momma cuts him no slack in the wrestling ring.

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