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27 Years Ago...

It's after midnight here, which means it's officially December 31st. Yes, it's New Year's Eve, but more significantly than that to me, it's my & Jamie's anniversary. Twenty-seven years ago this evening, we exchanged vows right here in the home in which we still live. Please enjoy the photos I've pulled out to share with you. I looked for one from our wedding--I was sure I had it saved on this computer--but alas, I could not find it.

This is probably my all-time favorite photo of us.

Many years ago...late 90's.

Late 90's again. I set up a background & lights in our living room, and judging by the height of the camera angle, I believe Seth took the photo of us.

Beach trip, 2012. Our last vacation with Seth before he left for college.

I pulled my head back in this photo as a joke so Jamie's head would look bigger than mine.

Goofing off in between shows at VBS one year.

Atop Brasstown Bald on the last day of a mountain getaway in 2014.

In the hospital after Jamie's second knee replacement. I can tell by his smile that the good drugs had not worn off at the time this photo was taken.

On the beach one evening. I believe this is the very first "selfie" we took together.

Movie date.

Working with Jamie. I'm sure I had promised to be a good employee.

A stop on the drive home from Montana after getting Seth moved there for grad school.

We took this right before the beach cookout that served as the rehearsal dinner for Joey & Kim's wedding.

Goofing off.

Hiking trip, October 2016. That's Table Rock Mountain in the background.

We clean up okay, don't you think?

Are we lost? Hiking trip to see a waterfall somewhere in N.C.

Jamie took me to Atlanta for the weekend one year for my birthday.

Rock City Gardens in Lookout Mountain, GA. You can just see just the top of Jack's head under Jamie's chin. He came with us on the trip, but he was no fan of the higher altitude.

Back to Montana to see Seth and meet in person, a young lady named Faith.

Somewhere on a trail hiking in Montana.

Different day, still hiking, this time in the Grand Tetons.

Back home. Our front door has been in many of our selfies.

And finally, this. Our first meeting with Faith was actually via a Skype call with Seth. We wanted to make a good first impression, one that would give Faith a real sense of who we are. This is how she saw us for the very first time.

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3 comentários

31 de dez. de 2020

That’s awesome!!! Happy anniversary you two lovebirds!! Love the throwbacks, too!! What a great, long relationship!!! Lots of love.


31 de dez. de 2020

Happy Anniversary! ❤️ Love the photos over the years.


31 de dez. de 2020

Happy Anniversary

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