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Adventure, Days 1 & 2

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

After a long day of traveling yesterday that included a 3 hour layover in Dallas, we finally landed in Bozeman, Montana at 9:30 pm. (Which is 11:30 Atlanta time, and we were feeling it.). I love the Bozeman airport because it’s small and cozy and inviting.

Even though it was late, we were excited to pick up our girl. Cold as it was, she fired right up. That’s a dang good truck!

Here’s a couple photos I took from the hotel room of Jamie taking her for a drive. It was 12 degrees this morning.

We spent the day with one of my favorite guys....

Seth set up a tour for us at one of the wedding venue sites he & Faith especially liked. We especially liked it too.

We also did a little bit of shopping today to prepare for the big trip. I needed a pillow for the truck and found this...perfect.

Dinner with Jamie & Seth. Good food, great company, sweet conversation. I always get a little melancholy when it’s time to say goodbye.

So...bright and early in the morning we’ll load up and hit the road. Start this long journey that will see us home Saturday. I’ve got complete confidence that Betsy will get us there.

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