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And We're least for now

My photography business is mostly a one-man operation, and I'm the "man." Sigh...besides photography and editing, I'm responsible for billing, filing, marketing, managing emails & phone calls, client interaction, and website maintenance & update. Today I've been working on transferring to a new email provider and getting it to sync with my domain registrar and my website host--three different companies that I need to work together. I'm no IT expert, and it's been challenging.

I got the email to work with the domain, but the website & blog went offline. I managed to get those back up but at the expense of the email working. I was trying to follow a tutorial for the domain registrar and then carry those changes over to the website, for which there was no tutorial. I was adding & changing DNS and MX "records" without fully understanding what I was changing or why. And without a clue if "this" would fix that issue or "that" would take care of this problem. Before today, I didn't even know what a DNS record and a MX record was.

However, if you're reading this, I have successfully muddled my way through the process, and everything is working as it should. HooRay, and fingers crossed!

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2 comentários

04 de jun. de 2021

You’re a better man that I!!! No way would I have had the patience to fix those problems!!! I’m pretty sure I would’ve smashed the computer with a hammer when the email didn’t work. I’m proud of you!


04 de jun. de 2021


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