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And We’re Home

Rolled in at 1:00am from a most amazing 36 hour trip! Tired but very happy.

We drove westward from Wynne…

…and wound up in Bald Knob, Arkansas.

We grabbed lunch here at the Hob Nob Cafe

We were served by these sweet gracious young ladies.

Then we pulled into the parking lot of the local sports complex and joined a couple hundred other folks. We set up and got ready…

And enjoyed the most amazing sight we’ve seen since 2017…

When it was over, we jumped back in the car and headed east for home.

What a fantastic experience!

Little sidenote: before arriving in Bald Knob, we stopped in Augusta, Arkansas. We originally thought we’d view the eclipse here but changed our minds. We’re pretty sure though, that this is the spot I left my driving glasses. You can see them in my lap in the photo, and it’s the last place I’m certain I had them. They don’t appear in any photos after that. Prescription glasses that will have to be replaced. Sad but still an amazing trip!!

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What an amazing trip! It’s great to have seen the eclipse “in person”. I watched on NBC but your experience will be something special to tell your grandson one day!

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